Ross Curriculum Comes to Life

26250868623_a0ecd89d01_z Last month, continuing what is becoming a tradition at Ross Lower School, students from Early Childhood to grade 6 put on a stellar performance of understanding titled Beginnings, in which they acted out the essential elements of Ross’s unique, cultural history–based Spiral Curriculum. Performing Arts teacher Margaret Kestler wrote, choreographed, and directed the production, which was updated this year with a focus on the Sustainability curriculum thread, in support of Ross’s educational efforts in that area. Guided by students transformed into the nine Greek Muses, each grade level played a role in communicating what they learn at Ross to the audience, this year made up of parents, grandparents, and special friends.

Early Childhood students entered the room as “stardust”; kindergarten students depicted the elemental forces of fire, air, earth, and water; first graders enacted the life cycle of bees; second graders represented the ways in which systems such as our Solar and Earth systems function as a whole; and third graders expanded on the presentation by demonstrating how geological and biological systems coevolved to produce life on Earth. The pedagogical torch was taken up by fourth graders, who portrayed the early ages of humans and permanent settlement, and fifth graders exploring the rise of riverine civilizations and the shift from matristic to patriarchal systems. The performance culminated with the sixth grade class reflecting on the advancements and pondering the philosophical lessons to be learned from our history, as seen through the story of Homer’s Iliad.

We invite those of you who were unable to attend the performance in person to view Beginnings online. Bravo to our talented students of all ages!