Grade 4 Human Settlement Projects

IMG_1614Ross 4th graders recently presented their final projects for the Human Settlement Project in front of a panel of “network executives” from their own hiStory Channel, parents, peers, and teachers. The project serves as a summative assessment, integrating Cultural History, English, Science, and Mathematics. IMG_1689

Students work as teams of archaeologists to study and research the Neolithic Agricultural Revolution. They explore how Neolithic settlers domesticated animals and examine their lifestyle and traditions. They research the settlement of Çatal Hüyük in present-day Turkey and the Bamana culture of West Africa, as well as four different Neolithic Settlements: Banpo, Mehrgarh, Jericho, and Skara Brae.


Most importantly, students recognize how agriculture, animal domestication, and the transition to social systems in early towns indicated a shift in human consciousness. Their final projects represented their understanding, as they created replicas of Neolithic settlements.