Modernity Projects Explore the Evolution of Modern Consciousness

DSC_3277 Earlier this month, Ross eleventh graders culminated their Modernity studies with projects that expressed the advances in science, art, and culture that occurred during the Modern time period, as well as the people that helped shape this important era.


From disruptive technologies to the rising skylines of major cities to the growing momentum of the feminist movement, the Modern era brought important changes that influenced both social behaviors and the economics of the times. The period also saw the introduction of new inventions that had significant cultural impacts on societal interactions and international warfare.


The Modernity projects include original artworks, couture, models of iconic buildings, and case studies of advances in science and medicine. Ross junior Selena focused on Japanese cuisine before and during the Modern period. One noticeable change was the introduction of Korean rice (previously, when the country was under British rule, rice was procured from India). Her classmate, Frank, created a beautiful painting and sculpture featuring a bull skull, influenced by Pablo Picasso and Cubism. Other classmates detailed advancements in the study of anatomy and the evolution of women’s hairstyles through the Regency, Victorian, Edwardian and Interwar (1920–1930) eras. “Hairstyles reflected the social moods and innovations of the day, becoming increasingly natural and progressive over time. This included the bob, which debuted in the Modern period,” eleventh grader Jordyn said.


Check out the photos of the amazing projects by Ross School juniors!