Lower School Students Visit Upper School to Learn About Senior Projects

24582575991_eaaa032de7_z This past week, students from the Lower School have been visiting the Upper School to learn about Senior Projects. With Chris Engel, director of Community Programs, they’ve explored the exhibits on display in both the Senior Building and Ross Gallery. They also met up with a few seniors along the way who explained their projects and provided their perspectives on the process of developing their impressive work. One senior, Shanshan He, described developing her project about four interconnected areas of sustainability—ecology, culture, economics, and politics—in Zavora, Mozambique.


Mr. Chris, as he is known at Ross, provided the younger students with some background about the importance of the Senior Project, explaining that it is the culmination of the learning experience at Ross.


The visits led the Lower School students to speculate on what areas they may focus on in the future. Possible topics ranged from music and dance to animal care and video gaming.


Lower School Counselor Sharon Burns said the children were very excited to be at the Upper School campus: “They were attentive and respectful when the seniors were presenting. It was a positive experience for everyone.” She also said the children could relate to many of the projects. For example, fourth grade is working on charitable causes, so they identified with several Senior Projects that focused on areas such as volunteerism and raising money to support families impacted by cancer. “This made a great connection for them,” Sharon said.