A Parent Review of Ross School Senior Projects

24459628201_da4de7e8db_z Editor's note: Violet Wade, mother to Ross School senior Fei Wade, reached out to Ross School with the letter below (edited by Fei), and asked that we share it with our extended community. We are greatly appreciative of her warm words, and thrilled to pass them on to our readers.

I am a parent of a senior who is graduating this year, and I have had the pleasure of being at Ross School during the Senior Project Exhibition Week. I attended all four days last week of film, readings, exhibition, and performance nights. During Exhibition Night, as I walked around and witnessed the students proudly unveiling their works, the Senior Building and Ross Gallery came alive with imagination and innovation.

After picking at many of the young minds, I can tell you parents that I am very confident in our students’ future and the path they choose to lead the world. I also attended several individual students’ presentations of their projects. Wow! Through their eyes, I see they have gathered a wealth of information and skill sets required to guide and steer them as they continue pursuing passions and bettering themselves and the world.

I am confident in their future and our future, because a common theme shared among all their projects was the desire to contribute and achieve an improved quality of living. I am not afraid of the future because they are not. I am confident in the future, because they are.

Congratulations, Ross School, for creating an environment that allows our children to achieve academic excellence, discover their genuine passions, and develop their intellectual vitality. The Senior Project has allowed students to apply the knowledge they have gained from their education and unique life experiences, combine it with their genuine passions, and demonstrate to all what they can do improve and innovate.

—Violet Wade