A Look into the Summer Term @Ross Classroom

ST13 Summer Term @Ross offers a unique learning experience designed to not only provide students with a competitive edge, but also give them opportunities to discover and develop their passions and talents. Currently, students from around the globe are diving into their studies, thriving in the classrooms, making new memories, and generally enjoying their new academic adventure.


One of the first things an observer notices on stepping into the Media Studies, High School, and Senior buildings, where many of the courses are held, is the hum of lively discussions of diverse topics, from mathematics to photography.

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes are reading and interpreting literary classics by well-loved playwrights and authors. ESOL Level 1 students were introduced to creation myths in the first week of the term, and are currently studying a play about the myth of Pandora’s box and the origin of evil. Their class time focuses on learning new vocabulary words, strengthening reading comprehension and speaking skills, and rewriting the lines of the work. Their studies and creative process will culminate in a dramatic performance of a modern-day version of the play.


In Intermediate ESOL, students are expanding their vocabulary and cultural perspectives. They’re reading the graphic novel Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City and engaging in related discussions about religion and politics. Level 3 ESOL students are “meeting” Shakespeare’s notorious characters from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Later in the term, they will portray Puck, Helena, Oberon, and other favorites in their interpretation of select acts from the play.


In the Mathematics classes, students are tackling algebra, geometry, and precalculus to acquire an academic advantage for the next school year. It’s not all equations and formulas, however; the serious schoolwork is peppered with conversations among classmates about weekend adventures as well as about various approaches to solving problems.

Students in college preparation courses are focused on improving their command of specific subjects as well as attaining mental and practical knowledge that will increase their college test scores. Teacher Tiffany Best reported that the SAT Prep Vocabulary class is off to a great start. The students receive a new set of vocabulary each day, and are then tested on the words the next. Tiffany uses various techniques, including word association and interactive games involving technology, to reinforce retention of the new information.


After working hard in their classes, students enjoy unwinding during their elective and Wellness periods. “It’s a terrific balance designed to make their studies highly successful and enrich their overall time at Ross with cultural experiences and good, old-fashioned fun with their friends,” said D’Ashley Wilson, Summer Term @Ross coordinator.