Science Fair Features Student Research

Science Fair 4 At the grades 7 and 8 Science Fair on June 2, students showcased the results of experiments in a variety of subjects such as sensory perception, memory, dreams, and mindfulness practices in sports. The exhibition is the culmination of work that started in September, which includes an initial project proposal and research question; hypothesis and experiment; recording of data and results; and the final conclusion. 

Science Fair2

First, second, and third place projects in each grade were chosen from a group of finalists. Projects were distinguished based on the student’s commitment to the research throughout the process and interviews with Science Fair judges, who scored the projects based on the quality of work, depth of students’ knowledge, and oral and visual presentation of the results. Judges included Ross Upper School Science faculty, three senior Ross students who were selected based on their Science, and Dr. Gidela Jia, a psychology professor from Lehman College.

Science Fair3

Eighth grader Sophie Griffin placed first in her grade. She explored how different typefaces affect memory, and concluded that words in the sans serif font were best remembered. Second place went to classmate Jenna Kestan, who took an interesting approach to determine if the name of a product would impact its desirability: “I took the ice cream flavor peppermint, and for three days turned it into ‘Pink Panther Peppermint.’” She proved her hypothesis that people would purchase the latter product more because of the clever label.

Third place went to eighth grader Sarah Levine, who tested the blood pressures of children and adults to determine if the younger people had lower readings.

Ella Griffiths

First place in grade 7 went to Ella Griffiths. “I wanted to determine if waxing skis would affect speed,” she said. “My research considered multiple variables, including temperature of the snow and type of wax.” She hit the slopes to personally conduct the experiments and test her theories.

India Galesi-Grant took second place for her experiment comparing the performance levels of males and females in overstimulated environments. Quentin Bazar rounded out the winners’ circle, placing third for using a 3D printer to create miniature wind turbine blades of various dimensions, and then testing their electrical output.

Eighth grade finalists also included Jade Diskin, Dualta Gallaher, Dede Rattray, Chelsea Han, Alex Saunders, and Zoe Mintz. Grade 7 finalists included Ally Friedman, Chandler Littleford, Laina Lomont, Diego Vanegas, Ava Seccuro, and Josie Smith.

“The hard work by all students was really impressive, and the competition among the finalists was very strong,” said Anna Strong, Science teacher and Science Fair leader. “They should all be proud of themselves.”