Early Childhood–Grade 2 Spring Concert

EC4 In a lively concert held in the Field House at Ross Lower School on May 22, students in pre-nursery through grade 2 celebrated spring with a concert featuring familiar favorites, songs sung in Mandarin and Spanish, and joyful tunes heralding the beauty of the season.


Pre-nursery, nursery and pre-kindergarten students opened with uplifting traditional tunes “Forsythia,” “In the Springtime,” “Namaste,” and Spanish folk song “De colores,” as well as classic favorites, “What a Wonderful World” (which they also performed in sign language) and “You Are My Sunshine.” Their energy was infectious, and the audience was happy to sing along to the final tune.


Next, the first and second grades sang “Springtime Sunshine” and “LOL!,” a song that had the audience laughing in surprise when the students and first grade teacher Jamie Laggis popped up big letters on poster board to spell out the title of the tune in time with the refrain.


A group of talented second graders then performed “Merrily We Roll Along” and “Hot Cross Buns” on their recorders. All the students joined together to conclude the concert with “Zao fei ji” (sung in Mandarin), “Put on Your Green Shoes,” and a rousing rendition of Ritchie Valens’s “La bamba,” sung in Spanish.

It was a great opportunity to gather as a community to celebrate the beauty of the season.