Lower School Students “Magnificent” in Beginnings

Beginnings5 Last week, Ross Lower School students in grades K–6 presented to the extended Ross community an original play titled Beginnings, a dramatic narrative of the School’s Cultural History curriculum for the lower grades. Performance Arts teacher Margaret Kestler, who wrote the play with input from the teachers and students about their specific grade’s studies, describes Beginnings as “a manifestation of intellect and imagination—a living work of art, integrating theater, dance, music, visual arts, and cultural history.”


Through interpretive performance, each class unfolds and moves their part of the story forward, offering a curricular gift to the next grade. The students did a masterful job of sharing with their audience the evolution of human consciousness and the advent of spiritual thought and wonderment.


The production’s colorful costumes and sets added to the magical experience. After a performance last week at Grandparents and Special Friends Day, family and friends said they were “in awe” of the students’ talents and ability to tell the story of humanity’s wonderful and complex history.


A special thanks goes to the dedicated members of the Ross community who helped with the production, including Deanna Locascio, who worked closely with Margaret Kestler to develop the music that accompanied the storyline; Margaret Bodkin for her musical talents; Nancy Baxter, who helped prepare the kindergartners; Adam Judd for developing the sound; Sy Abramowitz for lighting; Ross parents Bill Stewart and Dan Meeks for creating the amazing canopy sculpture that stretched above the stage like the Sun and the heavens, and served as the screen for projections; Ben Sigua and staff who “went above and beyond” to transform the Field House into a theater; and Christopher Engel for his ongoing support!