Second Grade Creates Weather Station to Study Local Systems

weather station 1 Ross School second graders recently showed off their technical expertise by installing a weather station outside of their classroom at the Lower School. The station will help them analyze local weather patterns as part of their studies of meteorology and systems. Data captured by the station can be viewed online at Weather Underground. Students are now in the next phase of the project—building their our own weather station and tools, including a barometer, thermometer, anemometer, and rain gauge. The goal is to compare the readings from each station to help determine how weather affects their daily lives. 


Students are applying knowledge from multiple disciplines as they describe the daily weather in their Cultural History journals, research and design the instruments, and use mathematical and scientific skills to analyze data. “As they study the elements of weather, students become more sophisticated in their observations and their use of specific vocabulary to describe their findings,” said Shannon Timoney, second grade teacher.

weather station photo 2

In keeping with Ross School’s commitment to sustainability, the students will use recycled materials to create their weather instruments and station. Shannon added that the class plans to invite the community to visit, try the tools, and learn more about the students’ important research.

weather station photo