Ross Lower School Celebrates Year of the Goat

CN1 Ross School celebrated the Chinese New Year, or the Year of the Goat, with colorful festivities and performances starring third and sixth graders. The students danced through the aisles dressed in traditional Chinese garb and dragon costumes in addition to sharing the significance of the Chinese zodiac with their schoolmates.

World Languages and Literature teacher Kera Shen first welcomed everyone and then provided a brief overview of Chinese New Year celebrations. Students learned that the Year of the Goat, which can also be referred to as Year of the Ram or Sheep, began on February 19. Celebrations in China typically last for 15 days, and a few videos showed the audience a look behind the scenes at classroom activities related to the cultural holiday.

The Year of the Goat is thought to bring promise and prosperity, and Lower School students displayed beautiful artwork depicting symbols, Chinese characters, and the zodiac. They also wrote poems, including one about an energetic sheep who is excited for the new season.

Other highlights included the third grade’s performance of the signs of the zodiac and the sixth grade’s graceful dance with fans meant to symbolize the phoenix rising and the union between yin and yang. The morning ended on a lively note with the students dancing through the room as they performed a routine with drums, masks, and a huge dragon float supported by several students.