Modernity Projects Express Culture, Turmoil of Modern Era

Modernity2015 Earlier this month, Ross eleventh graders culminated their Modernity studies with projects designed to capture the pivotal point in history when modernization gained momentum and disrupted perceptions and established “norms” about art, culture, feminism, and politics. The time period also gave rise to new inventions that had significant cultural impacts ranging from societal interaction to international warfare.

Specific student works focused on couture of the day, theater, Prohibition, and artistic style and movements. One film, by junior Jingyi (Big Kitty) Xue, examines gender roles during World War I. “My project shows the rise of feminism combined with Freud’s consciousness theory,” she explained. “It presents sexism throughout history in an ironic way, which raises more awareness because of the dramatic elements.”

Other Modernity Projects, including original artwork, photography, and models, are currently on display in a “Modernity Salon” outside the Ross Café.