Alumni Challenge Faculty in First Annual Basketball Game

Alumni2 On Friday, January 16, the Ross School Alumni Association hosted their first Alumni vs. Faculty Basketball Game in the Center for Well-Being. It was a great success, as more than 120 very supportive students, faculty, alumni, parents, and members of the community came to watch and catch up with old friends. Not surprisingly, the alumni triumphed, with a final score of 47–36, but the teachers put up a valiant fight, and the vibe on the court set the scene for a fun afternoon with lots of laughter and reminiscences.


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The alumni who participated were Franco Cuttica ’08, Miranda Milligan ’06, Brandon Pettaway ’11, Peggy Stankevich ’06, and Sam Yarabek ’04 (also the new twelfth grade English Literature teacher at Ross). In fact, Brandon traveled all the way from Rhode Island to get in on the game! The faculty, associates, and house parents who participated were Anna Strong, Jack Szczepanski, Dwight Curtis, Adam Bendon, Wes Howard, Anders Samuelson, Evan Dyal, and Dan Bruni. Howard Brown, dean of Athletics, officiated, and varsity players Anish Rishi and Madison Hummel coached the teams. Sophomore Chris Ragone served as scorekeeper.


The crowd was rowdy, and students enjoyed seeing their teachers hit a few three-pointers as well as put up the occasional air ball. The Great Hall was filled with tremendous energy, and all who participated enjoyed the friendly competition. Students and teachers have commented that they would like get together more frequently for similar events.


Already, there is talk of an Alumni vs. Faculty Softball Game this spring, so stay tuned, and stay fit, until the next celebratory challenge!