Third Grade’s Dinosaur Museum Showcases Studies of Early Life

Dino3 On December 19, Ross third graders turned their classroom into an informative Dinosaur Museum to share their knowledge with friends and family. The students are exploring Earth’s early geological timeline, focusing on the Cretaceous, Triassic, and Jurassic time periods. For the museum exhibition, each third grader researched a specific species of dinosaur using print and electronic resources. They learned the meaning of their dinosaurs’ names; where and when they roamed the Earth; their habitat, size, diet, predators, and prey, and other interesting facts.


Take a tour through the Dinosaur Museum.

Students wrote a three-paragraph essay—their first multi-paragraph, typed piece. In Visual Arts class, they fashioned clay models of their dinosaurs, which they used to create stop-motion videos in Media Studies. Their learning was further integrated with studies of dinosaur fossils in Science class.


All of the students’ work was brought together in a delightful exhibit that took visitors on a colorful tour back to the time of the dinosaurs. Attendees wound their way through the displays, stopping to talk with the docents (the students themselves) and watch the videos. All were impressed with the quality of the work and had fun learning facts about the prehistoric creatures (for example, the name Tyrannosaurus rex translates to “tyrant lizard,” and the Coelophysis was the fastest dinosaur).


“This was such an exciting period. The students were so engaged, and the Dinosaur Museum really reflected their dedication and interest in their studies,” said third grade teacher Meghan Hillen.