Bravo! Bravo! Fall One-Act Plays Delight Ross Community

_MG_5056 This past weekend, members of the Ross community gathered in the Court Theater at the Upper School to watch the Fall One-Act Plays. The annual four-star event featured works by various playwrights, including Ross student Emily Costello ’18, and were a delightful mix of dramatic and comedic performances. The student actors engaged the audience with tales of eccentric human behavior and experiences that made theater-goers howl with laughter, as well as deeper, provocative stories that explored the human soul and emotions.


Under the guidance of Performing Arts Teacher Gerard Doyle, the cast and crew worked diligently to develop their performances. The result was a stunning success that highlights the excellence of the Ross School’s renowned theater program. Some of the one-act play actors have been nominated in the past for the annual Teeny Awards, a program that recognizes the theatrical talents of high school students on the East End.


“The Fall One-Acts are a special part of the theater experience at Ross. It’s wonderful to watch these amazing students uncover and develop their talents,” Gerard said.

Views pictures of the Fall One-Act Plays


Fall One-Act Plays

Wrong Date (Parts 1 & 2), written by Chambers Stevens and directed by Adam Bendon Hannah: Sophie Griffin ’19 Bethany: Bronte Zunis ’19 Brandon: Carter Marcelle ’19 Phillip: Daren Li ’19

Plot: On a dinner date, two couples decide they are dissatisfied with their partners and separately adopt identical strategies to rectify the situation.


Wonder Wall, written by Emily Costello ’18 Hazel: Rory Gallaher ’17 Ghost: Leila Murphy ’17

Plot: A troubled teenage girl seeks solace from the ghost of a girl who experienced similar problems when she was living.

The Float Attendant, written by John Dessler and Lawrence Phillis Pilot: Ava Securro ’20 Passenger: Ellie Damiecki ’20 Sensible Person: Gianna Scala ’20 Flight Attendant: Chandler Littleford ’20

Plot: Four eccentric survivors of a cruise ship sinking undergo personality clashes in the confines of a tiny life raft.


Standing Room Only, written by Aren Hon Usher: Shu (Shane) Han ’16 First in Line: Yichen (Oliver) Chen ’17 Second in Line: Long (Lynn) Lin ’15 Third in Line: Rafaella Jorge ’17 Fourth in Line: Elizabeth Burdge ’17 Fifth in Line: Qingru (Michelle) Jiang ’17 Sixth in Line: Katie Morgan ’16

Plot: Six people waiting on line outside a theater have difficulty getting (and giving) a straight answer to a straight question.

Tassie Suffers, written by Ken Friedman Tassie: Emily Austopchuk ’18

Plot: A would-be actress recounts her experience of the audition from hell.


Broken Hearts, by Kevin R. McLeod Dianne: Tong (Iris) Gu ’16 Margaret: Mingwei (Sherry) Gao ’16 Grandma: Jingyi (Big Kitty) Xue ’16

Plot: During an out-of-body experience, a young girl is persuaded to choose life over the attractions of the afterlife.

Measuring Matthew, written and by Patrick Gabridge Jennifer: Noa Langleben ’17 Matthew: Mael Oujaddou ’18 June: Nathalia Beller ’17

Plot: An obsessive-compulsive man reflects on the recent breakup with his ex-girlfriend and makes a surprising discovery about his next-door neighbor.

Bed & Breakfast, written by Richard Dresser Sarah: Daniela Herman ’17 Alice: Katie Morgan ’16 Alfred: Gerard Doyle Chuck: Ioannis (Yanni) Giannakopoulos ’16 Claude: Miguel Monori ’15

Plot: In an English bed-and-breakfast, two couples reveal the hidden complexities of their relationships, with unfortunate results for the proprietor.

Misfortune, written by Mark Harvey Levine Cindy: Isoo Chang ’16 Stephanie: Amanda Mintz ’17 Barry: Miguel Monori ’15

Plot: A couple in a Chinese restaurant discover the potential danger lurking in a seemingly harmless fortune cookie.

Fall One-Acts Crew Lighting Designer: Sebastian Paczinsky Production Assistant: Gaby Cassou Lighting Board Operator: Ning (Claire) Yan ’16 Sound Board Operators: Madison Hummel ’15 and Chang (Abby) Wang ’15 Assistant Stage Managers: Jiaying (Kay) Chen ’17, Jonas Linnman-Feuerring ’17, Jared Goldsmith ’17, and James Lytton ’15 Stage Manager: Patricia Jewett ’15 Director: Gerard Doyle