Fall Athletics Awards

Surfing At the end of each sports season, the Ross community gathers to acknowledge the efforts of our athletic teams and individuals on the teams who have made great contributions or improvements during the season. On November 17, an awards ceremony was held in the Great Hall to confer certificates on student-athletes participating on Fall 2014 teams.

Coaches for the cross country, rowing, surfing, volleyball, tennis, golf, soccer, and sailing teams conveyed their pride in the tremendous progress the students made during the season, noting that many were participating in their chosen sport for the first time.

They also remarked on the teamwork and respect the students showed for their fellow teammates and competitors. “The dedication and determination to excel at their sport was impressive. They left 100 percent ‘on the field’ at every practice and match,” said Athletics Director Howard Brown.

Awards included Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player, and Coach’s Award. Congratulations to all our student-athletes!

ROWING Noa Langleben (Coach’s Award) Lucia Robinson (Most Improved) Greta Falser James Lytton Milo Munshin Alona Shulyak Fei Wade

SAILING Cole Colby (Most Valuable) Wing Ka (Veronica) Ko (Most Improved) Theo Legat Wyeth Moyer Isabelle Rowe

SURFING Nevia Schultheiss (Most Improved) Sunny Guo (Coach’s Award) Julia Benedetti-Rutzen Mark Cheng Yanni Giannakopoulos Max Schlabach Josephine Witte Jin Zhang

GOLF Phillip Gorodetsky (Most Valuable) Jack Lycke (Coach’s Award) Jenny Chen Feng-Ping Cheng Shane Han Victoria Hu Peter Kim Henry Oh

CROSS COUNTRY Mark Liu (Most Improved) Anna Popova (Most Improved) Anish Rishi (Most Valuable) Mingjie Tong (Coach’s Award) Shanshan Yang (Coach’s Award) Sung Wook Han (Most Improved) Nikki Betuel (Most Valuable) Erick Guzman Gangjun He Neo Huang Zhuoyue Lian William Lin Justin Liu Jakob Strobel Peter Zhang Jiale Zhi

GIRLS VARSITY TENNIS Kendall Scala (Most Valuable) Leni Haslberger and Anna Narzibekova (Doubles) (Most Improved) Zoe Yektai (Coach's Award) Livia Azevedo Constance Caiola Sophie Cassou Hannah Dayton Rory Gallaher Daisy Gallaher Kanami Mikami Amanda Mintz

GIRLS JUNIOR VARSITY TENNIS Marie Vocke (Most Valuable) Adelia Rattray (Most Improved) Nadzia Kempski (Coach’s Award) Kendall Scala (Most Valuable) Ariel Anza Sailor Brinkley-Cook Natalia Calcaneo Carla Eickelkamp Maria Francisco de Melo Oliveira Denise Garcia Leni Haslberger Sarah Jannetti Dorothy Li Zoe Mintz

BOYS VARSITY SOCCER Lenox Loo (Most Valuable) Jonas Linnman-Feuerring (Most Improved) Raul Valle (Coach’s Award) Guillermo Beroy Thomas Ding Pedro Duarte Marcello Alexander Lawson Roman Kostin Eisei Maeyama Keiichiro Maeyama

BOYS JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER Ben Bijur (Most Valuable) Jared Goldsmith (Most Improved) Miguel Monori (Coach’s Award) Dennef Chiriboga Jeff Cui Jared Goldsmith Qisen Hong Tek Kan Tony Kim Chengzhi Ma Nacho Monreal Ted Morency

GIRLS VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Gloria Feuer (Most Valuable) Kate Tatarkina (Most improved) Jhane Gibson and Olivia Eberstadt (Coach’s Award) Nikki Fung Dillon Kab Tracy Kwok Maria Makhmudova Liza Marinokh Dorsa Mehdizadeh Camila Mendonca

GIRLS JUNIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Manuela Marinho-Cardoso (Most Valuable) Ting-Yu Lin (Most Improved) Shuyu Pan (Coach’s Award) Hannah Baker Caroline Breitweiser Georgia Briere Sherry Chen Nina Damiecki Tatjiana Freesz Tali Friedman Sharon Kim Jessica Krenz Michele Lin