Ross Community Participates in People’s Climate March

ClimateChange3 On Sunday, September 21, Ross students, teachers, and families headed to New York City to participate in the People’s Climate March, and to add their voices to the call to world leaders to acknowledge the serious impact of climate change and the demand for action.


Cultural History Teacher Mark Tompkins, who attended with his own family and many of his eighth grade students, said the decision to participate began with a discussion at the Ross Institute Summer Academy about sustainability and the need to take action to benefit the global community.


The event gathered more than 400,000 people, who marched through the streets of Manhattan, many wearing or shouting messages about the cause. “This is what democracy is all about, standing up and demanding positive change. It was a huge and powerful experience for everyone, and one we are all proud to have been part of,” Mr. Tompkins said.


One of the most moving moments for the Ross attendees came at 12:58pm when the march stopped, and thousands of participants fell quiet in a moment of silence for those who have already been impacted by climate change. Equally emotional was the roar of the crowd’s unified rally cry at 1:00pm.


“It was such a wonderful and unique experience to be involved in something so large and meaningful,” said Ross junior Mark Cheng. “When more than 400,000 people had their hands in the air in silence for a few moments, and then broke into celebratory cheers all together, it was surreal.”