Summer Term: Classes Wrap Up with Major Results, Fieldwork, Creative Skills

DSC_7022 As this year’s Summer Term @Ross drew to a close, students spent their final days soaking up last bits of knowledge in the classrooms and out in the field.


The Summer Term @Ross College Prep class focused on expanding their skills in hopes of achieving the best score possible on college entrance exams and gaining a competitive edge in the college application process. Ross School teacher Lisa Rattray said her students worked diligently and had great score improvements. The average increase after five weeks of prep was 388 points!


Over the term, the Environmental Science class studied biodiversity in the lab and field, deciphered the true meaning of biodegradable, and observed the environmental impact of pollution, litter, and erosion. Along the way, they visited nearby coastlines at Sagg Main Beach, Two Holes of Water Park, and Wyborg Beach. They also observed animal and plant life, including invasive plant species, at the Morton Wildlife Refuge in Noyac.


Students in the Ceramics elective, a noted favorite for many, created handmade pottery pieces using pinch pot, coiling, and slab techniques. Art teacher Nicole Berberena said the students were extremely focused and really enjoyed the experience: “They would get in the zone and lose track of time. I am really impressed with their creations.” The students will take home their bud vases, pots, cups, plates, bowls, and even an egg holder.


In the Music elective, students explored music composition, genres, instruments, famous artists, and history. Ross Performing Arts teacher Robert Davies and instructor Carlos Lama said they enjoyed providing a comprehensive immersion into the world of music.


Algebra 1 concluded the term with a unit on systems and equations involving linear and quadratic functions. In the final days of class, teacher Brittany Thompson challenged her students by having them write their own word problems for other classmates to solve. This activity enables them to be more receptive to receiving problem-solving instruction, and increases comprehension and ability to successfully solve the problem. Ms. Thompson said the students were fully engaged and had fun with the activity.


With another successful Summer Term @Ross at an end, many students are now looking forward to sharing and applying their new knowledge and skills in the fall.