Summer Term: Students Celebrate Summer Term at Maidstone Park Beach

DSC_7147 On Tuesday, August 5, Summer Term students gathered at Maidstone Park Beach in East Hampton to celebrate their accomplishments, deepen new friendships, and share highlights of their Summer Term @Ross.


As the late afternoon moved toward a beautiful sunset, the students paddle-boarded, body-surfed, played soccer, or relaxed with their books. It was a last opportunity to laugh with friends about their adventures, and all agreed their weeks at Ross created lasting memories they will fondly recall in the years to come.


One student from Germany taught his housemate to throw a football, others paddled out into the waves to take underwater pictures with a GoPro, and a few took pleasure in photo bombing their classmates’ selfies. A definite favorite moment was dumping a bucket of ice water over teacher Ricky Rainville’s head for a memorable “Gatorade” celebration often seen at the close of pro football matches.


As they sat down to a picnic dinner, students rehearsed for their final performances and presentations and shared thoughts about classes. The Art and Literature and Ceramics electives were hands-down favorites for some, but all said they enjoyed the mix of hard work in the classroom, sports and recreation, weekend adventures, and time spent in the boarding homes playing games, cooking, and hanging out in the pool.


On August 8, the students will depart for their homes in many parts of the world, but all promised to stay in touch with their friends.