Summer Term: Welcome to Ross!

Houseps The faculty and staff of Summer Term @Ross will welcome our students to campus on June 29 in the Center for Well-Being, located at 18 Goodfriend Drive in East Hampton. We have great programs, activities, and adventures planned for the summer, and we are looking forward to getting started with you!

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Summer is an exciting time here at Ross. Over the term, we’ll have more than 85 students from the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East studying mathematics, improving their English, developing university admissions test-taking skills, and attending Innovation Lab @Ross. Our campus offers a unique, inspiring environment, and we know our students will not only thrive in the classroom but also take advantage of the many opportunities to enjoy the arts, beaches, music, sports, and boarding life.

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The boarding accommodations are designed to make students feel at home, with spacious bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, and study rooms. The house parents will be on campus on June 29 to greet the students, and accompany them back to their assigned summer home.

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Classes will be held Monday through Thursday, and on Friday through Sunday students will attend other scheduled activities.

Welcome to Ross School!