Seventh Graders Present Art Expo “Metamorphosis: Mutations of the Imagination”

DSC_6095 Ross seventh grade students are proud to present “Metamorphosis: Mutations of the Imagination,” an exhibition featuring East End artists Claire Watson, Lucy Winton, and Christian Little. The show opened on May 30 and will run through June 12.


Each of the three artists selected for the show created hybrid works that morph human, animal, and mechanical forms. Lucy Winton, for example, gives human characteristics to animals in her narrative drawings “Critter on Back” and “Run Bunny.” Christian Little’s work includes “Observation Deck” and “Multitasking,” which juxtapose various organic and mechanical images. Claire Watson created poetic sculptures titled “Fingerling” and “Real and Pretend” that make use of gloves to suggest disembodied hands.


Inspired by the work of the three artists, the students’ own 3-D assemblages of found objects and collaborative exquisite corpse drawings are also be on display.


Curating an exhibition is a seventh grade tradition at Ross. For the project, students explore a theme and present the works of different professional artists each year. Previous shows have focused on Long Island landscape, sculpture, and portraits and have included artists Eric Fischl, John Alexander, Joan Semmel, and John Chamberlain.


Taking on all the roles necessary to organize a professional show, students meet and interview professional local artists, take photos, write biographies, select work, install the show, produce a catalog, and host the opening. Supporting the students this year are their art teacher Jon Mulhern, dean of Visual Arts Jennifer Cross, and World Languages and Literature teacher and seventh grade team leader Carol Crane.