Celebrating 100 Days of School

Ross students in kindergarten, first, and second grades celebrated the 100th day of the school year on February 28. Kindergarten students celebrated this momentous day mathematically by sorting, grouping, counting, and adding. They used a variety of small manipulatives and worked in collaborative groups exploring what the number 100 looks, feels, and even tastes like! The young mathematicians also paid close attention to the different ways one might group and count items to reach an accurate amount and explained their strategies for counting to 100.

First graders took an even more interdisciplinary approach. They jumped for 100 seconds, counted out 100 strips of paper to glue onto their 100th day hats, and rolled a die and tallied their rolls until they reached the magic number. In writing, they crafted a response to the prompt “If I had $100..." They also made lists of 100 people they know and 100 foods they like to eat. Second graders celebrated by creating a math quilt, as well as writing and solving 100 two-digit subtraction problems.