Valentine’s Day at Ross

Candy, cards, gifts, and flowers were in abundance at Ross School as students, faculty, and staff celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 14. Special activities on both campuses offered everyone a chance to spread a little love and kindness, tipping their hats to Saint Valentine.

In the Café Conference Room at the Upper School, Ross Parents Association members Susan Rimland, Cheri Cohen, Susan Davis, and Karin Grant graciously set up a Valentine’s Day craft project for students who wanted to send messages of love and appreciation to friends and family. Even adults joined in, enjoying the chocolate pops and lollipops in bowls on the table while decorating their cards with stickers, lace doilies, paper hearts, and more.

At the Lower School, in-class celebrations took place for every grade with a few sweets served, including strawberries with fresh whipped cream. Students decorated cards and exchanged them, along with gifts, with their classmates.

Some classes tackled more in-depth projects. Teacher Sharon Cook’s first graders have a tradition of mapping their hearts every year in preparation for Valentine’s Day. “Writer’s workshop is one of the most sacred parts of our day, and Heart Maps are a way for the children to put their thoughts, feelings, and ideas on paper. They are letting readers see into their hearts,” she said.

Sharon explained to her students, “Your heart is where you remember the people, places, and things you really care about. That is where a lot of your ideas can come from. Everything you care about is stored inside your heart.” The children will take their hearts home, but snapshots of each will be glued inside each child’s writing folder for reference any time they are looking for something to write about. Nearby, teacher Shannon Timoney's third graders kept track of the random acts of kindness they conducted all week—over 100 in total—and wrote them on pink Post-it notes for all to see.

Meanwhile, teacher Lea Abrams’ fourth graders had a Valentine’s Day tea party where they shared their wishes for the world with each other and their parents, who were invited to attend. The wishes ranged from ending violence and creating equality for all, to ending cruelty to animals, eliminating pollution, and solving the problem of homelessness. In return, parents were asked to share their own wishes, which included being able to celebrate differences and making sure those in need receive help. The girls in the class even wrote an original Valentine’s song, which they sang for everyone.