Museums Exhibit Student Art

Every year, some museums on the East End offer aspiring young artists a chance to see their work exhibited in a professional setting. Once again, Guild Hall and the Parrish Art Museum have opened their galleries to local students, and submissions from Ross Upper and Lower School students are on display.

Guild Hall in East Hampton is hosting its 21st Annual Student Art Festival, Part I: Grades K–8. The exhibit showcases artwork from Ross students in grades K–5, and over the last few days, students have been visiting the gallery space to see their own work as well as the work of their peers hung in the museum. Part I will be on view through February 24.

Meanwhile, in Water Mill, the Parrish Art Museum is also exhibiting the work of local students for its School Art Festival. Digital photographs by Ross seniors John Chang, Graylen Gatewood, Geige Silver, Andrew Davis, and Lea Winkler are on display, as are oil paintings by senior Isabella Cassou and sophomore Lynn Lin, and a drawing by freshman Serena Kim. There is also a large installation, “Face Off,” featuring 16 portraits, each by a different artist, done in stencil and put together into the shape of a triangle.

Finally, nearly all of the eighth graders’ Shirin Neshat self-portraits, which they created during their Islam unit, are on display. These portraits combined the art of calligraphy with black-and-white photographs of the students. They were inspired by Iranian-born American artist Shirin Neshat’s photo collection, “Women of Allah.”

The Parrish will host an art opening featuring music and refreshments on Saturday, February 9, from 4 to 6pm.