Simple Machines and Maritime History

On January 30, Ross first graders visited the East Hampton Town Marine Museum in Amagansett, where they learned about the machinery used by early mariners to fish, dredge, and work the local waterways. In science class, Stacy Myers has been teaching the students about the evolution of simple machines and tools from early humans to the 20th century.

At the museum, the first graders tied their studies to local maritime history. They examined each exhibit, identifying the simple tools and machines that were used, such as levers and pulleys on fishing boats, pedals on a grinding stone, or wheels on a wagon. In the process, they also learned about the area’s rich fishing and whaling history. They studied photographs and artifacts and explored installations that included a local whaleboat donated by an East End family whose connection to the area goes back many generations.

On Monday, the little scientists will apply what they learned in class and at the museum to a new project: building their own simple machines.