Senior Project: Performance Night

Completing a busy week of Senior Project exhibitions, the students presenting on stage had their moment to shine during Performance Night on January 18.

Due to technical issues on Film Night that prevented the screening of one film, James Turits opened the evening in the Lecture Hall with an excerpt from his counterfactual film exploring what world events might have taken place had the assassination attempt on Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1939 been successful.

The next performance featured Dana Kyu Won Kan on the piano. Dana started off by playing “Chopsticks” with chopsticks! Ultimately, she segued into a jazzier version of the piece, then followed it up with a piece she composed after seeing children jumping in puddles on a rainy day in her home country of Korea. Next, she played a song she wrote that was inspired by looking out the window during the 15-hour plane ride between New York and Korea and another original jazz piece. The performance ended with an original composition that turned into “Für Elise,” which then evolved into multiple variations of the classical piece. Dana received a standing ovation, and for an encore, returned to the stage to play the theme from Nintendo’s “Super Mario Brothers.”

Afterward, the audience moved to the Court Theater and watched Gabrielle Ment’s graceful aerial hoop act, with poses that included hanging by her feet, her hips, one arm, and more. This performance was followed by guitarist Antonia Strada, who accompanied a recording of two of her original compositions on her Fender Stratocaster. Meanwhile, Pablo Kozatch had an interesting take on how music written in one style could be transformed into another. He constructed a jazz arrangement of Chopin’s “Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 in E-Flat Major.” The piece was a synthesis of romantic, classical, jazz, and swing.

Guests were then treated to the sophisticated bossa nova sounds of Sofia Kriger, who composed four songs that had been playing as the audience first entered the theater. She performed one live for the audience, accompanied by Clark Hamilton on electric guitar. The evening ended with another aerial hoop performance by Gabrielle, dressed in a “strong man” costume and performing a comedic act in which she “blundered” through her routine.