Senior Project: Readings Night

On January 16, a group of young authors gathered together for Senior Project Readings Night in the High School Library. Presenting were Joana Coelho, Kate Nelson, Annie Rubin, Rachel Santee, Jessie Olorenshaw, and Benjamin Sosne.

Joana wrote Tick Tock, a psychological thriller about a serial killer with good intentions. Kate created an illustrated book on the human body focusing on the intricate workings of cells titled The SUM of the PARTS. In Adoption: Research, Personal Story, and Personal Interviews, Annie wrote about adoption and explored her own experience as an adopted child.

Rachel took an unusual approach to her work, drawing inspiration from historic photographs to compose 75 anecdotal short stories that together tell the story of a small town in Mississippi in Castor: A Town Built on Stories, History, and the Undeniable, Elusive Truth. Jessie’s anthology of poetry, Akwaaba Poetry: A Touch of Ghana Through Words, features her work as well as the work of children she taught in Ghana. Lastly, Benjamin’s novella, Lorazepam, challenges the perception of reality and what society deems normal and abnormal.

All of these books will be available to read in the Senior Building Library through March.