Lower School Thanksgiving Lunch

The annual Ross Lower School Thanksgiving Community Lunch was held on November 16, as school was set to close for a week for the holidays. Beautifully decorated, the Lower School Field House was transformed into a festive hall.

According to parent and Lunch Chair Elizabeth Yektai, this year’s event was inspired by the first Thanksgiving shared between the pilgrims and Native Americans. With this in mind, a group of parents and students made traditional Native American cornhusk dolls, which served as part of the centerpieces on the lunch tables.

In addition, community members were treated to a special performance by members of the Shinnecock Nation, who performed songs about gratitude and peace on a ceremonial drum as well as traditional Native American dances. They also invited the students to join them in a circle dance, where participants hold hands and dance clockwise or counterclockwise. To thank them for their performance, first and second graders sang a song to the Shinnecock.

Head of School Gregg Maloberti offered words of thanks, and when students took their seats, parents served lunch prepared by the Café. They feasted on edamame and Early Girl greens with miso dressing, turkey meatloaf with gravy, mashed Balsam Farm potatoes, steamed green beans, roasted delicata squash, aged tofu, local corn muffins, local pumpkin tarts, and clementines.

“Community Lunches are the few times a year when the entire Lower School and parent volunteers get together, serve, and share a meal,” said Lower School PA president Judy Rall. “This Thanksgiving Lunch is especially timely because it serves to remind us of how much we all have to be grateful for in light of our very privileged place on this planet.”