Lower School Buddies Spend Time Together

The older students at Ross Lower School were paired with their younger classmates for the first Buddies Day this school year on September 7. Throughout the year, buddies get together to work on art projects, play games, or participate in service initiatives. The program helps the School’s youngest population forge lasting friendships with their slightly older mentors, and it provides the older students with an opportunity to serve as positive role models.

For the first time, the fifth grade is at the Lower School, making them the campus elders the others can look up to. They have been paired with the first grade for the year; meanwhile, the fourth grade is working with kindergarten; the third grade has been divided into two sections and is working with Pre-K and nursery; and the second grade has been paired with pre-nursery.

Last week, all of the buddies spent time enjoying classroom activities, such as building blocks, drawing, and playing games that highlighted their common interests.