Introducing a New Academy for High School Aeronautics Enthusiasts!

Ross School, a private day and boarding school in East Hampton, NY, has partnered with Coastal Air, a flight school with over 45 years of experience in the industry, to offer a unique opportunity for high school students interested in pursuing a career in aviation. Students will combine their studies of Ross School’s integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum with an in-depth flight training program designed to prepare them to earn their pilot’s license while still in high school. Three yearlong courses cover a full range of flight training both in the air and on the ground, from solo flight, to pilot licensure, to instrument rating.



Flight 1: Solo Aviation
Academy cost (exclusive of Ross School tuition, boarding): $25,100

Flight 1 is designed to introduce students to the exciting field of aviation. The program provides students with the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to pursue flying as either career or hobby.

Aviation Academy students engage in Ross School’s unique interdisciplinary core curriculum each day, followed by afternoons that are divided between flight and ground school. Upon successful course completion, students will have gained approximately 75 hours of flight time and will safely perform a solo aircraft flight.

Note: Minimum age to fly solo is 16 years old; students may enroll in Flight 1 at age 15 if they will turn 16 during the school year.

Flight 1 includes:

  • Primary flight training

  • Introduction to flying (ground school)

  • Training materials

  • 75 hours of flight time

  • Solo flight experience (subject to age limits)


Flight 2: Private Pilot’s License
Academy cost (exclusive of Ross School tuition, boarding): $25,750

Flight 2 prepares students to earn their private pilot’s license with a structured ground and flight training program. Aviation Academy students follow Ross School curriculum with their peers each day, then undergo instruction in FAA-required aeronautic areas in the afternoons. Flight 1 is not a required prerequisite for Flight 2, although Flight 1 will be helpful to students pursuing their license.

Aviation Academy students will take part in an organized sequence of ground and flight lessons that build from basic awareness and elementary concepts and skills to a higher level of physical skills as well as deeper knowledge and risk management tools. Students will gain a keen understanding of the risks associated with flying and learn effective ways to manage those risks leading to safe, fun ways to fly. Upon successful completion of this course, students will have their private pilot’s license and be authorized to fly single-engine airplanes carrying passengers during visual flight rules (VFR) weather conditions.

Note: Minimum age for private pilot check ride is 17 years old; students may enroll in Flight 1 at age 16 but will not be able to take their check ride until they turn 17.

Flight 2 includes:

  • FAA private pilot flight training

  • FAA private pilot ground school

  • Training materials

  • 75 hours of flight time

  • FAA examination fees

  • FAA private pilot’s license upon completion of course (subject to age limits)


Flight 3: Instrument Rating
Academy cost (exclusive of Ross School tuition, boarding): $25,300

Flight 3 is designed for students who already possess a private pilot’s license and with to become Instrument Rated. Aviation Academy students take part in Ross School coursework each day and attend flight and ground instruction in the afternoons.

Coursework consists of a sequence of flight lessons totaling 75 hours of flight time to build on basic instrument skills while adding experience with Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) operations. Students will learn to combine precise aircraft control, navigation, and ATC communications and develop the skills to achieve confidence in this demanding environment. They will also gain an understanding of the additional risks associated with instrument flying and be given effective ways to manage and mitigate those risk. The ground training portion of this course will prepare students for the FAA knowledge test and the oral portion of the FAA practical test.

Upon successful completion of Flight 3, students will be Instrument Rated: qualified to be “Pilot-in-Command” of flights conducted under Instrument Flight Rules.

Flight 3 includes:

  • FAA instrument rating flight training

  • FAA instrument rating ground school

  • Training materials

  • 75 hours of flight time

  • FAA examination fees

  • FAA instrument rating certification upon completion of course (subject to age limits)

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Inspiring Location

Flight training takes place over the East End of Long Island, a place featuring magnificent beaches and breathtaking natural beauty. Students will fly into and out of both East Hampton Airport (New York) and Groton–New London (Connecticut) airports. The low traffic of these smaller, regional airports allows students to practice in a reduced-stress environment with fewer delays.

Academic studies are conducted at Ross School’s campus in East Hampton, New York, set in the semi-rural natural beauty of the Hamptons. The school’s intentionally designed, architecturally stunning facilities incorporate art and artifact to support Ross School’s globally conscious curriculum. The campus is located just two hours east of New York City by train or bus, offering access to a metropolitan lifestyle when desired.

Integrated Academics

Students participate in an accredited high school academic program. Students enroll in five core curriculum classes—Cultural History, English, Math, Science and World Language. Classes are carefully designed to be engaging and relevant. A broad range of materials, activities, approaches and interconnected learning opportunities encourages each student to discover and develop his or her own strengths.

Career Opportunities

The demand for new pilots has never been greater. With commercial aviation expected to double in size over the next 20 years, an exciting opportunity exists for young men and women aspiring to a career above the clouds. Aviation Academy @Ross establishes the foundation for becoming a professional pilot and will support students with career placement opportunities through a network of aviation training employers.



Aviation Academy @ Ross School is accepting applicants for September 2018. We invite interested and qualified students to apply through Ross School. On your application, please note your interest in Aviation Academy @Ross.

General Requirements

  • Students must be 16 years of age to graduate Flight 1.

  • Students must pass a basic medical exam, conducted by an aviation medical examiner.

  • Students must be able to read and speak English (TOEFL score of 84 or above).


Train to become a professional pilot while going to school!



Ross School

Coastal Air, Inc
Based in Groton, Connecticut, Coastal Air offers 45 years of flight training and certification experience. Instructors have undergone advanced flight training and are FAA certified, and have successfully certified thousands of pilots.