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How It Works
Ross School has long been known for its accredited K–12 academic programs, its focus on bringing students together from around the world, travel programs, and its global curriculum, which integrates cultural history with academic disciplines, from science, to math, to art, to literature, to wellness. Now individual families can bring the Ross curriculum and learning experiences along with them to a vacation destination of their choice by taking part in the World Travel Academy @Ross.

  • Customized academic curriculum based on your family’s interests, destination, goals, and student age. Coursework may include any of the following:
        > Culture of the local area
        > Language training
        > World history and geography
        > Natural science and ecology
        > Environmental studies
        > Marine ecosystems
        > Astronomy
        > Archeology
        > Literature
        > Media and computer literacy
        > Service learning
  • Intergenerational family learning offered through a broad educational enrichment program for all ages.
  • Lessons custom-designed to take advantage of your destination while meeting the requirements of your school or homeschooling program.
  • Integration of the curriculum with local excursions and the programs of local guides or tour leaders.
  • Complete “cloud” access to all of our academic resources, technology, digital media, and traveling library to maximize your learning experience.
  • Mobile technology kit with cameras, iPads, and other tools for student course work, trip documentation, blogging, video posting, Skyping, and contact with friends, school classroom, and family.
  • Course credit offered through Ross School. Each student will receive an official, accredited Ross School transcript reflecting credits earned for all World Travel Academy @Ross course work.
  • Daily wellness program, such as yoga and tai chi.
  • Student-led educational presentations to the family or group; preparation of presentations to take back to share with friends or classmates.
  • Individualized tutoring in areas of need and to support homeschool requirements.
  • Participation in ongoing research projects, collecting data alongside researchers who study the world to help create a better future.
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