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AGES 9–12

Summer Term @Ross is offering a new English language immersion sleepaway session for students ages 9–12 who want to improve their English language skills in a fun and educational setting. Students will take part in Summer Camp @Ross, participating in their choice of Morning Majors, followed by a lunch and recess period and then targeted ESOL classes. After the regular camp day ends, students enjoy a supervised free period to unwind before dinner. After a nutritious dinner, they return to their boarding house for exciting nightly activities in a family-style home.

Students will reside in a breathtaking, fully equipped, multilevel home in close proximity to all the amazing beaches and historic villages the East End has to offer. The house includes a state-of-the-art kitchen, relaxing family rooms, spacious bedrooms, an in-ground pool, and a sprawling backyard, with room for each camper to find his or her favorite place.

Each weekday morning, students are bused to our East Hampton campus, where they enjoy a delicious and healthful buffet-style breakfast before they begin their morning activities. Students take part in their choice of Morning Majors, follwed by a lunch and recess period, and then targeted ESOL classes. After the regular camp day ends, students enjoy a supervised free period to unwind before dinner.

7:30am    Pick Up at Boarding Houses
8:00am    Breakfast
8:45am    Camp Begins
9:15am    Morning Majors
12:00pm  Lunch/Recess
1:30pm    ESOL
3:00pm    Open Gym
3:30pm    Club Time (Internet cafe, open studio, open gym)
5:00pm    Dinner
6:00pm    Pick Up at Ross
7:00pm    Night Activities (pool party, movie night, beach bonfire)

Friday Nights
Friday nights include a family-style dinner at home with fellow campers and houseparents followed by a special event for campers to unwind and prepare for the weekend.

Saturday/Sunday Programming
Every weekend campers experience one local day and one excursion day. Local days will include relaxation, trips to the beach, and exploration of local villages. Excursion days take campers out beyond the Hamptons to see what else New York has to offer. Past excursions include rock climbing, food tours, museum trips, Broadway shows, sporting events, and iconic landmark tours.
JULY 9–AUGUST 4, 2017
Full Summer: 4 Weeks

$8,995 Boarding Students

JULY 9–JULY 21, 2017
Session One: 2 Weeks

$4,600 Boarding Students

JULY 23–AUGUST 4, 2017
Session Two: 2 Weeks
$4,600 Boarding Students



Insurance (per 2 weeks)
Insurance (per 4 weeks)
Airport Service (one way)
Airport Service (roundtrip)