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Midwinter Term 2014

Adventure on the South Pacific: Founder’s Trip to French Polynesia  Visit blog
The Coastal Ecology of St. John, U.S. Virgin Island  Visit blog
Ethnomusicology in Cuba  Visit blog
An Exploration of the Culture, History, and the Environment of Panama  Visit blog
Hiking the Ridgeway: Sustainable Travel on the Oldest Road in Europe  Visit blog
Isolated Like an Island in the Planetary Sea: Myanmar  Visit blog
RSTA Travel Course to Greece: The Olympics and the Meaning of Sport  Visit blog
Grades 7/8: Ethnology and Sustainable Ecology in Belize  Visit blog
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Art and Community
Explore Long Island: A Program of Service and Learning  Visit blog
J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth
The Life Behind the Lyrics: A Study of the Rhetoric in Popular Music
Mangiamo: Learning Italian Language and Culture Through Cuisine
Musical Theater Workshop
Programmer’s Workshop: Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence
Grades 7/8: Environmental Adventures
Grades 7/8: Making Ross a Little Greener
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