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Lower School

Welcome to Ross Lower School, an innovative school for children from pre-nursery through grade 6, where a typical day might include visiting the farm animals, speaking Mandarin, building a replica of the Solar System, solving math puzzles, or growing mold spores in the science lab. Every day at Ross is an adventure waiting to happen. The stimulating environment, combined with a warm and supportive community, helps children learn about themselves in deep and meaningful ways.
At the heart of Ross School’s educational philosophy is the firm belief that all students can become successful learners. We recognize that each child is splendidly unique, and believe school ought to be flexible and adaptive, rather than standardized or one-size-fits-all, in order to meet the needs of all our children. The innovative Ross curriculum is based on a framework of cultural history, interwoven with all the other disciplines—math, science, language arts, visual arts, performing arts, media studies, technology, and physical education/wellness—into a rich tapestry. A Ross education offers learning experiences and assessments to accommodate all different types of learners, giving our students a great sense of inclusion and value, and allows students to view the world with an integrated perspective, preparing them for citizenship in the global community.