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Lifelong Learning @Ross

Fit Parent Hamptons
The Fit Parent Hamptons program is a 60-minute exercise course designed to increase mobility and functional fitness by focusing on core strength, sport-specific training, and injury prevention for any age or fitness level. Classes require no special equipment and will take place indoors and out, depending on weather. Participants should wear gym clothing and sneakers and bring a small towel and water bottle.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9–10am, $150 per session

Art: Basic Drawing and Painting
Are you interested in drawing and painting, either as an artist experienced in other techniques or as someone just starting out on the artistic path? Beginning artists will learn the fundamentals of drawing and/or painting, creating still-lifes and learning from an artist-instructor.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9am–12pm, $180
CALL 631-907-5555
Custom design a class in the arts, media, languages, or personal development and have it taught by one of our expert instructors or specialists. Four or more students must sign up. All classes have access to state-of-the-art facilities and take place on our beautiful East Hampton campus.

Ross School

18 Goodfriend Drive
East Hampton, NY