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The Ross School Libraries comprise four distinct libraries located on the two school campuses. The Lower School Library on the Butter Lane campus serves Pre-K through grade 6. The library in Building 4 at the Upper School serves grades 7 and 8. The library in Building 1 focuses on grades 9 through 12, and there is a separate Senior Reference Library in the Senior Thesis Building. In addition, there are curriculum-related library books in classrooms throughout the campuses.

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Mission Statement
The vision of the Library and Information Services Domain of Ross School is to meet the information needs of every member of the Ross community. This requires offering direct and equal access to all types of information in electronic, online, and print formats, as well as educating students, staff, and faculty in the use of these resources. Our mandate is to provide the requisite knowledge, skills, and tools needed to guarantee an excellent level of information literacy among members of the Ross School and the Ross Institute. The ultimate goal of the Library Domain is to actively participate in, and contribute to, today’s expanding global information society.

Three Statements of Purpose
  • The Ross Libraries are the academic foundation of the Ross curriculum and history.
  • The Ross Library collections demonstrate the evolution of the Ross School Spiral Curriculum.
  • The Ross Libraries integrate and articulate the importance of print materials in concurrence with electronic materials.