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Students at Innovation Lab @Ross have access to a variety of campus facilities designed for active learning and discovery. Dedicated laboratories and workshops, technologically equipped classrooms, and collaborative virtual environments provide students with spaces in which they can innovate and explore. Surrounded by acres of woodlands, farms, and coastal beaches, the Ross campuses are perfect natural laboratories for learning and research. Students are equipped with laptops and iPads, as well as specialized software and media tools for collecting, analyzing, visualizing, and presenting data. Using this technology, students are able to share ideas and develop new ways to interface with information and each other.

Ross School enjoys an ideal setting, nestled in the woods on the East End of Long Island, a place where magnificent beaches and breathtaking natural beauty abound. Sited on the East Hampton campus of the School, Innovation Lab @Ross is part of an accredited day and boarding school program. Numerous resources are located within 100 miles of the School, including New York University, MIT, Harvard University, Woods Hole Oce­anographic Institution, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, American Museum of Natural History, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at Stony Brook, and Brookhaven National Laboratory. Students from the New York City area can easily commute home on weekends by train or bus, and students have access to three major international airports.