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Innovation Lab @Ross

Innovation Lab @Ross is an academy within Ross School that is designed for students who are passionate about science, mathematics, engineering, media, and technology. The academy seeks to immerse students in emerging technologies with an emphasis on human experiences, so that they can generate innovations that benefit individuals and communities. This stimulating and rigorous program enables students to conduct independent research and undertake self-directed learning in such fields as electronics, computer programming, marine science, and digital media. Students also have the opportunity to interact with the latest technological devices and concepts, including virtual reality, 3D printing, robotics, biotechnology, alternative energy, and the so-called "Internet of things." A variety of specialized laboratory and workshop spaces allow students to experience hands-on learning and develop technical and design skills. Students also interact with professional scientists through guest lectures, mentorships, pop-up courses, field trips, and online collaborations. Innovation Lab @Ross provides students with an engaging intellectual environment designed to foster their curiosity, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit.

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  • Pursue your passions and interests through independent investigations.
  • Design and create innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • Interact with experts and professionals in academia and industry.
  • Engage in service learning that addresses local and global needs.
  • Harness the power of “crowd-funding” to raise money for entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Share your discoveries worldwide using a variety of media.
Innovation Lab offers three-week intensive sessions for students ages 14–18 as part of our Summer Term @Ross program. The courses, which may be taken as either a boarding or a day student, focus on intensive study of a variety of topics, such as design and invention or marine science.

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Innovation Lab @Ross now offers a program for motivated students who are passionate about studying and understanding the ocean as an aquatic ecosystem and its relationship to the health and sustainability of our planet.
  • Take courses in marine science, oceanography, and environmental science.
  • Pursue independent research and projects with a focus on the marine environment.
  • Hypothesize global solutions addressing the interface between humans and the world’s oceans.
Possible research projects include:
  • Genetic diversity surveys
  • Remote exploration technology development
  • Marine organism tracking
  • Oceanographic data visualization
  • Documentation of the knowledge and traditions of coastal societies