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Field Academy

Ross School Field Academy gives students an opportunity to engage in authentic learning experiences alongside mentors and scholars. Classes and programs take place both on campus and in the field (locally and around the world), enabling students to take part in hands-on, in-depth investigations in a wide variety of subjects. These experiences can lead to intensive analysis, new interests and passions, possible college/career paths, or volunteer opportunities. Ross School Field Academy programs might inspire continued study of a subject, expansion into a Senior Project, or the impetus for fundraising or other service efforts.

The goal of travel undertaken with Ross School Field Academy is twofold: for students to learn and apply skills in real-world settings, and to expose them to different cultures, peoples, and languages. The latter factor is an especially crucial aspect of the global curriculum that is central to the Ross Learning System. Students come to understand themselves in new ways in the context of discovering other cultures. They can then translate their experiences into service learning projects both at home and abroad.
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