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College Counseling

Time Line
There is nothing more exciting or important than making a vital contribution to a student’s preparation for a collegiate life filled with unimagined possibilities. At the Ross School College Counseling office, we strive to help students (and their parents) through the challenging but enlightening college selection process. This journey of self-discovery can be considered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that allows students to examine and foster their own emerging and evolving identities.

In an ever-changing college admissions landscape, our office is prepared to quickly respond to the needs of each student and family. As students work through individual assessments and one-on-one consultations, vague and tentative notions about college transform into a drive to find the best fit for their talents and interests. We also help students compose application essays that frame their character through compelling narrative, enhancing the portfolio of students who have excelled in their school career and maximizing opportunities for students whose academic results need strengthening.

Our approach is informed by a deep familiarity with the current high school and college landscape, an abiding enthusiasm for our work with students, and a willingness to exhaust every avenue and pursue imaginative solutions to help all of our Ross students succeed and thrive at the college of their choice. We will be working carefully with all of you to make sure we have a good understanding of your needs so that we can provide information, resources, and guidance. We hope our time together is comfortable and productive as we all work together to make this journey a pleasant exploration with a successful ending.