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Interscholastic athletics are an essential part of the Ross educational program in which students are provided with challenges that inspire them to levels of achievement far past their perceived limits. Students are required to participate in at least one team sport while at Ross, though many choose to participate and develop their athletic skills beyond that requirement. Ross partners with other local schools for some sports. Ross teams have enjoyed several recent successes, notably a championship in tennis and top league records in soccer and baseball. In addition to athletic skill development, our coaches are responsible for teaching our student-athletes proper attitudes toward citizenship, sportsmanship, and cooperation, as well as for developing self-discipline and positive self-esteem. We hope that through participation in interscholastic sports, student-athletes will build a positive self-image and will be provided a challenge that inspires students to excel beyond their perceived limits.

The primary goals of the Ross School Athletic program follow:
  1. To provide an athletic program that is responsive to the needs, interests, and abilities of the students and is consistent with available facilities, equipment, and staff.
  2. To provide the students with a qualified staff to coach and supervise the athletic program.
  3. To provide an athletic program that satisfies the competitive and recreational needs of the students.
  4. To provide an athletic program that will promote physical well-being and positive attitudes in leadership and sportsmanship for both participants and spectators.
The K–6 Wellness program emphasizes the building of locomotive skills, coordination, aerobic conditioning, ball skills such as dribbling and throwing, team strategies, interpersonal skills, personal goal-setting, and nutrition. Students are introduced to a variety of activities that enhance speed, stamina, agility, strength, and flexibility. In grades 7–12, Ross offers team opportunities in baseball, basketball, cheerleading, golf, rowing, sailing, soccer, softball, tennis, track and field, and volleyball.

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Grades 9–12

Baseball (Boys JV)
Basketball (Boys Varsity & JV, Girls JV)
Cross Country (Boys Varsity, Girls Varsity)
Golf (Boys Varsity, Girls Varsity)
Sailing (Co-ed Varsity)
Soccer (Boys JV, Girls JV with Pierson HS)
Softball (Girls JV)
Surfing (Co-ed Varsity)
Tennis (Boys Varsity, Girls Varsity)
Track and Field (Boys Varsity, Girls Varsity)
Volleyball (Girls JV)

Grades 7–8
Basketball (Boys)
Lacrosse (Boys with other schools, Girls with other schools)
Volleyball (Girls)